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 Posted:  Fri, Dec 19, 2003 at 16:19:40 (EST)
 Posted by:  one-butt-ugly-reality

Subject:  When I get time


I'll update the e-mail page.
Here's an e-mail received last week.

Thanks so much for setting up your web-site and counter-acting all the rubbish that is being posted in these dreadful ex-premie-type sites.

It is clear that a great technology like the Internet is great for propagating the teachings of Maharaji, but it also shows that there are
people who are very sick and lost out there who are so deranged thatthey will go out of their way to ruin what Maharaji is trying to achieve.

I love maharaji and his message and can't believe that anybody would want to abuse his aims and goals while he is enriching the lives of so many people.

God bless maharaji and long live his teachings. I wish you all the luck in the world in shaming the idiots who try to stop the inevitable, and
for helping to aid Maharaji in propagating Knowledge.

Thank you,

Premie and proud, UK
(Name withheld)

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