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 Posted:  Wed, Dec 24, 2003 at 15:31:34 (EST)
 Posted by:  one-freaky-reality

Subject:  Another Christmas,


and another year almost gone. Time passes. The pleasure and the beauty in life remains.
A very happy festive season to all.


Here's part of another e-mail just received:

I have been enjoying Knowledge and listening to Maharaji since I was 21 years old (I'm now 53) and I recently discovered your site. I really appreciate what you are doing in presenting a true picture of what these ex-premies (a rather strange thing to call oneself) are up to.

I really believe that as Maharaji makes his message more beautiful and we continue to prosper inside, their point of view will become more apparent to be nothing more than malicious hogwash. Many people are very hungry right now for the delicious meal that Prem Rawat is so kindly offering and I cherish the chance to be a part of serving it.

The thing that disturbs me the most about the exes is that they gleefully and sarcastically display the techniques of Knowledge. What an incredibly disrespectful and misleading act that is. To make a promise to never show these to anyone and then to just make them into a total farce really shows the character of these people and shows Maharaji's kindness that he gave them the gift in the first place that they have so foolishly tossed away. I have thought about writing them and asking them to remove the techniques just as a matter of being honorful but I'm sure that they would just turn it around and hurl smut back at me.

name withheld
(Right on the mark, bro!)

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