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Posted:  Sun, Nov 09, 2003 at 01:06:22 (EST)
Posted by:  one-reality

Subject:  Latest from epo: The Real Facts


The document was written by Macgregor. I have no doubt about that, however, Brauns has not published the author's name. Given EV's current legal action against Macgregor, the omission is not surprising.

Primarily, Macca's long-winded, convoluted, contradictory document purports to show that:

1. M 'secretly' owns IRCC and that this has been concealed by EV. According to Macca, 'Ordinary devotees know nothing of it, and neither do many senior organisers.'

2. M has 'benefited to the tune of tens of millions of dollars from the activities of a non- profit association (EV)' and that 'tax free funds raised by these bodies (various EVs) have apparently been trasformed into Mr Rawat's personal property assets in Australia ...'

3. If EV's lease on IRCC was terminated, 'all of the property's improvements' would 'revert to the property owner.' Macca claims that Maharaji would benefit financially as a result.

These claims are provably false. The real facts are as follows:

Around 13 years ago, a relatively cheap, run down cattle property West of Ipswich in QLD, Australia was purchased by donations collected specifically for that purpose around Australia, and overseas. The enthusiastic group of premies who asked for donations, explained the purpose of the project and clearly stated that the the property would be managed and nominally owned by PWK, but that an arrangement would exist whereby M could assume ownership and control of the property if it became necessary. This was done to allay fears over possible disputes between the pwk running the project, or the possibility that managers or nominal owners could lose the plot, thus causing the breakdown of the project. Although it was an uncommon occurrence, we knew that people in very senior positions could spin out, pursuing their own agenda. Therefore, no-one in their right mind would have donated money to the project without this safeguard in place. I remember this because I donated money towards the purchase. All of this was common knowledge, so from the beginning, NOTHING was concealed from the premies who worked to develop Amaroo, and those of us who donated funds towards it's purchase and development. People living nearby who expressed curiosity about the ownership of the property have been told that it is owned by a foreign company. That's because it IS owned by a foreign company. So much for the first claim; it is pure bunkum!

Maharaji had personally chosen the property in preference to more expensive, up market properties available closer to the coast. He chose it because the land and it's location conformed to his vision of an international venue specifically designed to further the practice and enjoyment of Knowledge. Donations specifically for the development of IRCC are used for that purpose. Money is not 'funneled' into IRCC by EV from 'tax free funds' as Macgregor claims.

In particular, IRCC can in no way be regarded as M's 'personal property asset' as Macgregor claims. The reality is that IRCC is a liability, not an asset. To help offset the cost of developing the site, IRCC operates as a commercial conference center. It is used occasionally by corporate and community groups, but it would not be anywhere near commercially viable without EV as it's major client. Even with events held twice annually on average, IRCC still appears to be reliant on donations and loans to maintain the property and improve facilities for the thousands of people who use and enjoy those facilities during M's events. It is us; we are the real beneficiaries in all of this. Obviously, the second claim is bunkum!

To what degree could IRCC become a liability to Maharaji? To answer this question, let's examine the likely outcome if EV's lease was to be terminated, as Macca speculates. If his report is correct, IRCC and the land that it occupies is greatly over-capitalized. i.e. The cost of improvements far exceeds the actual value of the property. In addition, according to Macca, 'There is an agreement in place for Mr Rawat to pay for the improvements' by reimbursing IRCC's donors and creditors if EV's lease was to be terminated. Therefore, if the lease was terminated, and ownership of the property and improvements 'reverted to Mr Rawat,' he would face a payout resulting in a net loss that would certainly amount to millions of dollars. Macgregor is so blinded by hatred that he is unable to see this, but it would be obvious to any objective person who reads the document.

The document also includes the usual dollup of condensed epo propaganda, plus a few minor related claims and some information that is probably factually correct. For example, according to Macca, EV's lease has been extended twice. It began as a 3 3 3 year lease. It was later changed to a 6 6 6 lease, and more recently it has been extended to a 30 year lease. This shows M's continuing long term commitment to the project. Again, marinated in hatred, Macca is unable to see this simple fact.

The document is a desperate attempt to damage IRCC and EV Australia. In an effort to lend credibility to his work, Macca uses the personal pronoun 'we' rather than 'I.' He also claims that his document was 'compiled with the assistance of serving and former senior followers of Mr Rawat.' I invite Macca and the web minder of epo, John Brauns, to name one. Come on guys! Just name one of them. Macgregor is a pariah. That's the truth of it. The only person currently or formerly involved with IRCC who would associate with Macca is Neville Ackland, and he is currently in jail for drug and firearms offences.

In a post on this forum, 'King of Moles' states that it was sent to Australian government departments in Oct, 2002.
King, if it carried Macca's name, and if you can give me details re where it can be located, please post the info here. It could prove to be very useful indeed.

Finally, I would like to thank the web minder at epo, John Brauns, for making it publicly available. Well done John! As a blunder, it almost ranks with your ham-fisted attempts to influence the Malaysian press.

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Hey, whatever you do don't quit your day job to become business writer.
You discussion is so speculative it isn't funny. Other than being a contributor, you have absolutely no first hand knowledge whatsoever.

Of course, whatever EPO has reported may not be complete and that is because Maharaji has structured his empire in such a way as to make it very difficult to discern the owner's identity. He has some of the world's best attorneys and advisors assisting in that effort.

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