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Only $25,000 profit?
 Posted by: OTS
 Date: 06/23/2005, 06:38:45
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If 300 people bought tickets at $100 ($30,000) 300 at $50 ($15,000) and 300 at $35 ($10,500), which were the originally advertised prices for this “fundraiser” [or is it “fun-raiser”), and 1,000 bought tickets at $10 ($10,000) that would be an attendance of 1,900. Perhaps another six hundred students got in for free, as there were seats available. That brings the attendance to 2,500 (out of about 4,500 seats) and a gross of about $65,500. If the guru gave a check for $25,000, WHAT HAPPENED TO THE OTHER $40,500? ALL PROFITS were to go to the U.N. Food drive. Don’t tell me that it cost Forty Thousand Dollars to put on the speech. What, the union electricians and hall people and the hall and the podium rental cost Forty Thousand Dollars? I doubt it. Anyone? What, you’re telling me that his private plane costs for his travel to Miami and the cost of his and his entourage flying in and staying on South Beach and eating at the fancy restaurants came out of this fundraiser as costs? What? Doesn’t he donate anything? Everything is reimbursed back to him? I mean The Foundation? Can anyone explain this?

My thoughts entirely - and what about the sponsors?
 Posted by: JHB
 Date: 06/23/2005, 07:42:26
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The ad for the event included sponsors. How did they sponsor the event? Also, didn't Rawat himself donate anything from his own pocket?

It does seem a low figure.


Can the prem rawat foundation explain? Shouldn't they?
 Posted by: la-ex
 Date: 06/23/2005, 08:08:51
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These are good questions for them to clarify.

Furthermore, any foundation which wants to keep it's credibility should explain and post these figures, in order to maintain (or in rawat's case, gain) credibility.

Premie monitors, perhaps your lord can help explain?

Why exactly $25,000
 Posted by: NikW
 Date: 06/23/2005, 09:23:46
 Original URL: Click here (However, the link may be stale.)

In any 'normal' fundraising event the net costs are established at the outset and are either 'underwritten' by sponsors or deducted from the total raised - that almost never leaves an exact amount of money. Perhaps the take was even less and TPRF bumped it up to something that sounds half respectable.

For a 5,000 seat auditorium $25,000 is a pathetic amount and suggests the whole thing was serious misjudgment - 600 attendees paying $50 each would have raised $30,000 - a venue for 600 would have cost less than $5,000 - so a smaller, more targetted option would have achieved a better outcome - if raising money was the point of the exercise. Of course it wasn't - it was simply another Rawat promo set on the back of the World Food Programme.

Rawat truly is a parasite.


Re: Why exactly $25,000
 Posted by: kwts
 Date: 06/23/2005, 12:45:19
 Original URL: Click here (However, the link may be stale.)
Good points there Nik - clearly raising money wasn't the main objective. Nothing EV does is straight forward and honest. They shroud themselves in secrecy with eachother and keep as much info as possible away from the 'everyday' premies. Not just the top secret stuff, but general info. too. So it's hardly likely that we will ever know the real truth about the amount raised, and the costs of all 'expenses'. But don't they have to declare that by law, as it was an official fund raising event?

Anyway, we are about to witness another big money-wasting event, for the glorification of M's ego. The UK programme at Wembley 17th July is in a hall that seats 10,000! Ten thousand that is!! Considering that the normal attendance at UK events is in the region of 3,000 - 5,000, I am splitting my sides with laughter at the thought of EV desperately running around trying to persuade all the premies to bring along guests! LOL! It's so stupid it's funny!

But, what a wonderful opportunity for premies to do service!! Apparently the cost of a ticket for premies is £40, and for guests is £5. Who said K was free?! Oh well, if the sums don't add up at the end M could always give EV some of "his" money to balance the books. I'm sure he cares, and he's certainly got enough.

You know, I almost feel sorry for the person who will be at the receiving end of M's wrath, if they fail to fill the hall.

Maharaji has taken a leaf out of his brother's book
 Posted by: Sir Dave
 Date: 06/24/2005, 01:04:42
 Original URL: Click here (However, the link may be stale.)

Maharaji's elder brother, Satpal Maharaj, has been donating to good causes for a long time now in his own name, although the money has come from his devotees, of course.

It looks good when it appears in the Indian press that Satpal Maharaj donated x amount of rupees to some worthy cause.  It looks good for Satpal and makes him appear as a benevolent humanitarian.

What is surprising is that it's taken Prem Rawat so long to copy this idea but now he has he can write all over the internet that the Prem Rawat Foundation has donated money to this or that worthy cause.  What he should be saying is that devotees have donated to this or that worthy cause.

When "Live Aid" was happening to help the starving people in Ethiopia, it would have been ridiculous for the organiser, Bob Geldof, to have claimed that he had donated millions of dollars to help the starving people in Ethiopia.  Yet that essentially is what Rawat is doing.

OTS, Rawat has all these "expenses" and they aren't cheap
 Posted by: Joe
 Date: 06/23/2005, 09:59:17
 Original URL: Click here (However, the link may be stale.)

How much do you think it cost for Malibu Prem to RENT (from himself, essentially) the Gulfstream V, and to pay for the co-pilot and servants that he MUST have to move his tusch from California to Miami?

How much do you think it COST to put up Malibu Prem in the most luxurious accommodations possible in Miami?  How much do you think it COST to videotape his blatherings so they can then be SOLD at a profit to Malibu Prem and his cult?  And how much do you think it COSTS to put up Monica Lewis in the style to which she has become accustomed, and in leather pants,  as well?

How much do the most expensive cognac and cirgars cost?

Probably the UN is lucky he even had a piddly $25,000 left after that.

EV always talks about how Malibu Prem does not get a salary from Elan Vital and that EV only covers his "EXPENSES." 

Devil, details, you know, that kind of stuff.

Re: Only $25,000 profit?
 Posted by: PatD
 Date: 06/23/2005, 16:46:45
 Original URL: Click here (However, the link may be stale.)

I just got back from a fundraising event in aid of tsunami victims in the Civic Hall in Stratford-upon-Avon. It was a concert put on by local primary school children, & god was it boring. I only went because my daughter was taking part.

The 420 seater hall which the Civic Hall Trust had provided free, wasn't completely full. The MC was the actor who plays Flitch in the Harry Potter films, & who livened the proceedings up by doing a reasonable Elvis impersonation (voicewise only); the food during the intermission was provided by volunteers; the 70 or so kids( they were also volunteers btw) were wearing t-shirts printed up & donated by a local company; the programmes were provided at cost by another local company; the bar profits went into the pot too.

There was no ticket price,just buckets at the door for donations going out. I popped mine into the bucket which the Lord Mayor was holding, & there were plenty of notes in there. The smallest note in England is worth around $8.

I'd be very surprised if the take was less than £3000/$5000, it could quite easily be double that.

So if fewer than 400 doting parents/aunts/uncles etc can raise that amount, God is really having a bad day with his poxy $25,000.

Re: Only $25,000 profit?
 Posted by: Sir Dave
 Date: 06/23/2005, 17:33:37
 Original URL: Click here (However, the link may be stale.)
Normally when people hold a charity fund raising event, it is announced what percentage of the takings will go to the charity - announced in advance of the event.  Why wasn't this done at this event?

Re: Not done in U.S.
 Posted by: OTS
 Date: 06/24/2005, 06:23:42
 Original URL: Click here (However, the link may be stale.)

But, perhaps it's my bad.  Perhaps all of the ticket money went through the Miami-Dade Community College (or whatever its name is) and perhaps MDCC presented privately its own check for $75,000 to the not-actually-associated-with-the-U.N. U.N. food drive.  Why keep it a secret, however?  Don't they want good publicity?  In that event, isn't the accounting of those funds part of the PUBLIC RECORD, in that MDCC is a public institution (I think)?  Can't that information be gotten via an FOIA request?  (That's Freedom of Information Act, the U.S. statute whereby the public can gain access to "public" information or information regarding our government's use of our money.) 

In any case, The Invited Speaker has really got his groove going on now -- what with his glomming onto the UN logo for his own self-publicity and placing the logo on his "Words of Peace" television program introduction biography in front of every televised speech.  He is also receiving written hossanas, plaques, keys and prasies from many equally ego-driven, ignorant politicians.  His "investments" have paid off handsomely and now, he can just sit back and enjoy the adulation of his new "KEYS" students and his long-time gopis.  I give up.  I've hit a bored spot.  His 30+-year-old devotees (those who received prior to 1976 the read-about-em-in-a-book Magic Techniques That Only Work With THE GRACE OF THE MASTER And Cannot Lead To Anything Meaningful Without The GRACE OF SAID MASTER) are all set with their retirements and their religion and their Guru.  There will be no further movement to EPO for these folks.  So, what's the point of discussing anything anymore.  I believe that he's slammed dunked us over, over and over.  There will be no stopping this bastard.  The hell with him. 

You bet it's galling, but there's a light
 Posted by: Babaluji
 Date: 06/24/2005, 10:04:13
 Original URL: Click here (However, the link may be stale.)


I think that for a lot of us who got involved in the 70s we wanted to help make the World a better place that it is very frustrating and galling to see the games that Maharaji is playing today as you point out.

But, I think that all of ex-premies who 'participate' in a grass roots effort of providing the real truth can feel that to some degree we are successful in our efforts when we see someone like RJChinook come to this forum and tell us that because of our websites and because of this forum she avoided getting sucked into Maharaji's cult.

I think that says a lot.  And it's all of us that make a difference.  It's not just the websites with pictures and a lot of words.  Sure, they're convincing, but, IMO, what is more convincing is the real live testimony that goes on at this forum that is the real message.  This forum is real people speaking from their experience.  There's nothing more powerful.

And, just a guess, but I wouldn't be surprised if the premie website Enjoying Life with Knowledge (ELK) was shut down because the personal experiences that were voiced by premies was confusing and contrary to what Maharaji wants the public to see.  Also, I think it was shut down because the premie testimony was incredibly lame and anybody who reads that stuff and then what people are saying here are going to know it's a mind numbing cult.

rawat is privately pissed, publicly nonchalant....
 Posted by: la-ex
 Date: 06/24/2005, 11:21:09
 Original URL: Click here (However, the link may be stale.)


I agree, prem doesn't seem to let up, kind of like the energizer bunny, he seems to keep on going, but I think there's a lot more behind the scenes that we don't see. A few points to consider:

-EPO and the other related websites are powerful, and are having an effect, although it's effects are mostly with aspirants, not old time premies....but stopping propagation is what will  eventually "starve the beast" and prem rawat and his minions know that.....almost everyone these days does an internet search on anything they might check out for any reason, and it's hard to ignore EPO.....when an aspirant does check it out, and question a premie about it, the premies denial or lack of meaningful response speaks volumes to the issue and raises further doubts...

-even old time premies, like many of us here, DID leave, just in the past few years, precisely because of EPO......I think EPO has created a sort of dividng line for old premies, in that it allowed a lot of us access to the inner workings of what rawat really does, and allowed us to finallly think for ourselves by showing the "hidden side' and encouraging dialogue and debate which was never publicly shown or tolerated before...the "lifers" will stay, and pride themselves in some wierd way on having the tenacity to survive another 'test of faith" like EPO...I say, let them stay, if that's what they want-it's their trap and they need it for some wierd reason...

-rawat is ADDICTED to being on stage, admired, listened to, and adored. He can't do without it, and it's getting harder and harder for him to get around the world to do so....also, when he can't personally fly his own jet anymore, due to finances or health, he will probably be far less inclined to travel.....without the props of hundreds or thousands of staring eyes in the audinece, he looks absolutely pathetic-remember the one video feed he did from his mcmansion?-he was absolutely depressed and it showed....without the stage performance, he is nothing, and pitiful to look at....

-his message is NOT unique, although it MAY be "singular in purpose" (whatever the hell that means...)...what I'm saying is that EVERYONE says the answer is within, and EVERYONE can proscribe a set of meditation's simply a personality cult, and I can't imagine ANYONE following the next "master", whether it is Daya, charanand, or anyone.....I think he's playing this out as long as his body holds up, and with his lifestyle and health issues, I don't think it's going to be too much longer.....really, when you look at what he offers, which is 4 techniques you can read about online, and his silly discourses, most people just say "where's the beef?"...

-I think EPO popped up at PRECISELY the time (5 years ago or so?) that rawat was attempting his big "comeback"....premies like myself were eagerly awaiting this "comeback' where the "world" would recognize him, and rather than prem being greeted as a "great master with a global message", he has been mocked, ridiculed, challenged and lost legal cases and arguments again and again....he has gotten bad publicity, except for the phony self-generated type of pr that his organization attempts...he has shown himself to be a petty, mean spirited, insecure man who will go to great lengths of revenge against former followers to avoid looking at the mess he has created and lives he has stolen...

-I think the pr campaign, the deception, the constant touring etc. is relentless, but I think it brings in very little new blood.....I think with all factors considered, rawat knows that the flock is dwindling, there are doubts amongst even the old time faithful (which cause things like donations to continue, but decrease, as premies entertain doubts, but still give something "just in case"(premie insurance), and there is very little, if any new response to him...if there is, it is not very passionate either, hardly anything he can work with....

No, I think he's on his last legs, will go down with the ship of  fools devoted to him, and hopes that when he can't do it anymore, premies will continue the myth of the master who gave his all to save the world, but the world was too busy to hear, too blind to see....

I'm not worrying about him anymore, just kind of interested to see the last days of a dying cult, and the desparate attempts to salvage something from it...

Re: Only $25,000 profit?
 Posted by: sulla
 Date: 06/24/2005, 15:17:58
 Original URL: Click here (However, the link may be stale.)
I called MDC. Mr. Padron wasn't available. One of the secretaries gave me with the staff chief Mr. George Andrews. After that, she gave me with the person in charge of organizing the program: Mr. Tedd Levitt. Both of them think, basically, that Mr. Rawat is a good person and that the event was  for an honorable cause. They also agree in that they didn't sponsor the Event but only hosted it. My concerns and information about Rawat, to them, were just a one sided opinion. Mr Andrews told me (incorrectly) that the MDC gave $25,000 to Rawat, to be given to the UN Food World Program. I wanted to be sure about this so I called the secretary again, and the secretary told me (incorrectly), that no, MDC gave it directly to the UN food program. I asked her if she was sure about that, since Mr. Andrew told me something different, and  I had read in a press release that it was Maharaji who gave the money to the UN representative. Then she told me I'd better talk to with Mr. Levitt because, since he organized the event, he could inform me better. Mr. Levitt  assured me that those were lies, that MDC didn't give a nickel to anybody, that the $25,000 were the profit from the event, after all the expenses were paid. And  "that" was the  money given to the UN food program. He also pointed out that there were joint donations, from Bell South, Britto etc. but he didn't specify if those were used to put the program together or part of the 25,000. He warned me about the seriousness of my "assumption" about where the $25,000 were coming from. I told him that it wasn't me who had said that, and that the reason I was talking to him was just to be sure. I suggested to him to have MDC staff well informed so that they give the right information. It could be maybe that what Mr Andrews and the secretary meant was that they were the one's who had recollected and handled the money, not necessarily that it was MDC's money, but they didn't specify.I thanked him and told him that I was sure that they had the best intentions, but that I wasn't sure about Rawat's. MDC Phone # : 305-237-3000

BINGO: Ted Levitt is an old, old Rawat cult member
 Posted by: Joe
 Date: 06/24/2005, 16:17:55
 Original URL: Click here (However, the link may be stale.)

That explains it.

Ted Levitt is an old, old, premie.  He was always a nice guy from what I saw, he was a DLM bureaucrat, somewhat like me.  He bacame community coordinator in Miami for Elan Vital in 1980, when I got sent to San Francisco.

Here is a funny story I remember about Ted.  In 1980 or so, at some festival, the community coordinators were meeting and in that meeting with great fanfare, it was announced that Ted Levitt was not promoted to the position of:


Even at the time, as a truely indoctrinated cult member, I almost had to leave the room because I was laughing.  It just struck me as really funny.

So, Ted if you are reading this, and we know that you are, hi to you and yours, and it seems you have moved up in the world, from coordinating peanut butter cookies to working at MDC and getting Rawat an event.  I am, like, so impressed!

5 Brighter than 1000 suns as seen through night vision goggles
4 As bright as the lights on Maharaji's jet
3 As bright as a 60 watt light bulb
2 As bright as a pile of burning ghi on a swinging arti tray
1 As bright as the inner light as seen by the third eye

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