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 Date: 07/03/2003
 Posted by: rjc
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 Subject: The Master of Bait and Switch

The Master of The Bait and Switch.

There can come a time in a personís life when very profound effects 
may begin to unfold by practicing these ancient meditation techniques
which Rawat claims sole administrative possession over.

I do not attribute the effects of these techniques in any way to Rawat.
He wasnít there to help when the snake began to uncoil as a real
teacher would be.   That is when I realized that he is not a teacher
at all.  He is a bait and switch artist.

He just isnít available, which to me is absurd.  This very fact
challenges his current premise that he is a meditation teacher.
He is a "fence" or "pawn broker" fronting goods which do not
belong to him.  Ancient in origin they were something very
real, they allow for the development of concentration of
the endocrine system and the stimulation of dormant
subtle faculties of perception. 

But the way that Rawat conducts his business, he is much more
like the operator of a chop shop. Stolen cars are cut up for parts 
and sold to the unsuspecting buyer.  Rawat has chopped parts
and pieces of an ancient scientific system out of context, then
added the essential ingredient for his game to work which is the
importance of his own person into the mix of his deception.  

Rawat has definitely stolen the techniques.  He doesnít know
how they work or what they really do.  He is not there to help
people gain a deeper awareness.  He is there to play upon the
part of human nature which will give anything to know the unknown.
He switches the pursuit of higher knowledge with the flimsy notion
of  being connected to him.  What a joke.

If he was any kind of a teacher at all he would understand the
gravity of practicing these ancient yoga techniques.  He would
not be offering them to people in the bait and switch game he
plays.  He baits the hook with the so called keys to self knowledge,
but because of the frailty of human nature, very few ever really
take the techniques to their eventual result.  Instead they are
allowed to grin their knowing grins, show up at programs and
exchange their failure to get results for devotion to Rawat.

They all know they haven't really practiced or found anything,
but for them, showing up at the programs and being in the know
is every bit as good as seeing the particle structure of the
causal plane of awareness.

Rawat has them all thinking that their failure is because of a
lack of devotion to him.  They sheepishly perceive of themselves
a failures and, henceforth, are required to laugh at Rawats stupid
stories and innane metaphors as well as think of him as profound.
His intellect has not matured since he was 8 years old.  Although
this is a paradox for the premies they walk the quagmire of self
denigration at the feet of Rawat rather than consider the possiblity
that they have been totally duped by an idiot.

To see the causal plane, that is what I got on the boat in 1972 to do
but Rawat had no part in making it happen   He is ever so busy trying
to get people to realize that what was really important in this whole
game was "him."

There is absolutely no point in caring one iota about Rawat.  He
is a master of the bait and switch game.   He promises that he
can show you peace and then he plays upon the human weakness of
desiring to know the unknown.  Then he switches the game to ďbeing
connected to him.Ē (what ever that means)  Actually it means nothing.
There would be no way to be connected to another human being who you
canít even call up on the phone or go visit unless that human being
was really supernatural in some way.  Now that Rawat claims that
he is not supernatural anymore the whole theory he is trying to
postulate breaks down.  Any person with the capability of thinking
and reasoning can see that the whole thing is full of so many holes
that it could be nothing more than a giant scam perpetrated by a
master of the bait and switch game.

5 Brighter than 1000 suns as seen through night vision goggles
4 As bright as the lights on Maharaji's jet
3 As bright as a 60 watt light bulb
2 As bright as a pile of burning ghi on a swinging arti tray
1 As bright as the inner light as seen by the third eye

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