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Editor's Note: The original subject of this thread while blathering with Phreak is a bit misleading in terms of the actual content of the messages. The thread turns out to be on the subject of what is the purpose of the Forum and the constant arguments between premies and ex-premies.

In the end of Runamok's post he says: Bad TV is bad TV. But the 10th rerun of bad TV is REALLY bad.

I know it is a bit unfair for me to comment here because I offer no time for rebuttal, but...

I assume that Runamok is talking about how boring and repetitive the arguing with premies can be. I agree. However, like TV with commercials and infomercials the idea is to repeatedly show the same again and again to get the message across to new viewers or slow viewers.

Yes, it does get boring for us, but it's a dirty job and somebody has got to do it.


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Re: while blathering with Phreak

I got into a short exchange with Mr. Phreak way way down the page. As I started writing to him I thought that most of what I was saying was intended for all. So rather than continue the thread way down there I thought I'd stick it up 'ere.

Mr. Phreak,

Thanks for the warning about the code. I was just about to press ENTER.

No, really I do most of my messing around on a Mac (as you can see from the header of my post). I do run PCs but I'm really not so smart with them. My most dangerous adventure with a PC was to edit something in the Registry to enable an ethernet link with a Mac. I'll take note of your DOS scrambling death code anyway. I may contemplate computer suicide on another day.

Phreak, if you've not been into this cult (you say it was your Dad who was), perhaps you wonder what the hell everyone is getting so worked up over. I can assure you to become an ex is not a pretty experience and most of us are actually quite messed up. Especially long term devotees. I started posting to this forum on a regular basis about three months ago and found that it really helped me to straighten out my head. However sometimes I get to feeling 'what the hell am I doing here'? Like everything in life I suppose, the forum will have it's highs and lows. I feel like I'm just reading through people's private mail where they reveal tidbits of their thoughts with no particular point.

I mentioned the thread about Shp and the bleachers. Shp is a premie who may or may not be sympathetic to some of the ex way of thinking. Now some folk think that he's on the fence and they think that they can help ease him down onto their side. Which side will he fall on? Is this a burning issue? Shp has been posting to the forum for ages. I recall him months before while I was still a lurker. To be frank I simply don't care what he does. All that seems to come from these protracted ramblings and constant questions and answer sessions is SPAM. It's a waste of my braincells. This might sound heartless but I'm not in the business of trying to save anyone's soul, especially Shp's. The existence of the ex-premie web pages serves as a WARNING sign to possible aspirants but I don't think the forum's best purpose is deprogramming gung-ho premies. It's for support of exes.

I'm used to the pattern used by computer software support groups, so before I started posting on Forum 3 I read all the FAQs as it were. I read through just about all of and also Jean Michell and Drek's pages. So you see, when I started posting here I didn't start up by asking a load of dumb questions that have been answered countless times before (well alright maybe a few).

But anyway, by the time I posted, I simply wanted to get a few references from other exes about where to go from here. How do I continue my life without the safety net of religion? Well, I got a few tips but what has been more important to me has been the warm hand of friendship outstretched towards me. It was most unexpected. It may seem pathetic but I have found a great deal of comfort in knowing that I wasn't the only sucker. I have had questions for years about M and K but because all my pals were premies I could never voice them because I'd be shouted down. I didn't want to fight with my friends so I just stayed schtum, locked up. Coming here smashed the case in which I had placed myself for maybe twelve years. It is definitely preferable to have contact in the darkness than to be all alone in the darkness.

In my opinion the most important thing about Forum 4 is the comfort and support that exes give each other. It is not the bloody nonsense of answering crazies who are effectively high-jacking conversation between exes. Most exes are in debate about the point of talking with premies and OK, I agree it can be of some use on occasions. But I've been watching the same subjects and Q&A sessions going round and around and around with these ghosts for months now. Despite the fact that I have a laugh at Jim's insults (he seems like the only person I know who can use the term motherfucker [a term I don't like BTW] effectively) I still find premie/ex banter a WEE bit boring. I feel no better off for having read them. In other words if this was all the forum offered, I'd be off.

I also notice the quantity of blank postings or links to other dodgy sites. This is why I had mistaken you Phreak. Many premies continually post links to bullshit sites and even some exes post links to other religious pages as an alternative to DLM/EV. I personally find redirections to Jesus and Buddha an affront to me. Besides, as Drek points out there's lashings of links to other related places of interest on his site. For research purposes only, I hope.

Anyway, you may wonder why I'm letting this off at you Phreak. Well I don't really know but you started it, hee hee! I guess I'm just blathering away but it may have been of interest.

Hi Charles.

I'm of the opinion that most of the premies who hang here have some inclination to leave M. Let's face it, almost of all of Miragey's people leave. He's counting on a minute per cent of people who are financially active to keep him in business.

Our 'argument machine' creates an excuse for premies to defend Miragey. At the very least, half of these premies online with us won't be with Mirage in 10 years and 90% won't be with him in 20. Minimally!! But they can get all their juices going by coming out to forum 4 and arguing and whether they leave later or not, it's too exciting an opportunity to pass up for some. Exactly the kinds of dogmatic preaching BS I might have gotten excited over when I received knowledge.

If it was less argumentative here, they would figure why they want to hang around faster. They would be forced to admit that they like it here.

I agree, religious postings are usually insulting, particularly anything resembling satsang. Obviously, there are sites for satsang that Miragey and his followers run. They don't allow our point of you. Banning, blocking or otherwise discouraging satsang needn't be an issue.

The arguments have served a purpose, and at times do serve a purpose. Unfortunately, we do not have a professional staff or unlimited funds to maintain several forums with DeLuxe features and a chat room. Of course, Miragey could if he wanted to, but he doesn't and isn't and there's no reason the meager contributions which fund this site should be used to support the 'rights' of premies to post satsang.

But then, if they are restricted in posting it, there won't be any reason to argue ad nauseum with them.

So if there is ever a purpose to the arguments in question, won't we lose something if 'motherfucker' and flaming insults are restricted?

No, because people can take it to 'Anything Goes'.

Bad TV is bad TV. But the 10th rerun of bad TV is REALLY bad.

5 Brighter than 1000 suns as seen through night vision goggles
4 As bright as the lights on Maharaji's jet
3 As bright as a 60 watt light bulb
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