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  12/12/2003, 05:07:41






  I'd rather have my mind
Too bad that for 26 years I thought my mind was my enemy, too very bad. 

The power to use our thinking capacities while we were premies was a spooky world the LORD OF THE UNIVERSE spooked us with. No doubt.  Thanks again Hilltippy for posting that letter.

Premies today call this forum a "Hate Forum", premies unable to use their complete thinking capacities disminished by the disgrace of the deceitful master they revere. Premies who cannot think for themselves but have been programmed to trust 100% in what Ratwhat wants them to believe. We are a hate group.... No, we are not!

Premies think we are.  Fanatics premies cannot see the whole picture because their understanding is tinted by the words of the masterlucifercino who for decades have inculcated their minds with the convinient statement "you never, never doubt the master".  Wow, what a sense of freedom, eh?

Fanatics premies are not free.  If premies were free they could at least contemplate that maybe, MAYBE lardino is fake, but the fact that they cannot even allow themselves to think for a moment of that possibility shows well how entrapped they are and how little freedom they have. 

Their jail look like palace, in their imagination, a palace of promises for liberation after death. Another F^%$#$ religion. YUCK!

How many premies reading this post have the guts to tell me why K is a gift, the experience is inside of you, all you need is within you but you need maharaji?

It doesn't make any sense. "Stay in touch" master says....oh, I have lots of videos, scandalous statements THAT master has made.  Let it be light...


I feel deeply offended by all those (including mahalardino) who call us "haters" and difame our characters. 

My ex-husband ( a premie, father of my son ) told me yesterday in an ofuscated way "you belong to a hate group".  He reads the forum.  He put that idea in our son's head and that is deeply disgusting. 

I do not belong to any hate group.  I post here becasue I live in a free country, country which protects my rights of free speech.  I can express my opinions, discontent and personal experiences I had working "synchronized" with Elan Vital=Rawat. 

It seems that if you repeat something enough you can end up believing it.  Forum7 is a hate group, sure.  Never mind that even that we have stopped being devotees of the greedy guru our lives are still affected by him, by his grotesque view how things ought to be and how he STILL programmed his followers minds TODAY, my son's father, so many out there. We are a hate group.... What about our consciences? What about that we contribute to make "maharaji"?  We can bring to light the truth premies cannot see. We have that right and we have a mind. 

Mr. ass Rawhat, I remind you, you committed crimes. You traspassed our innocense and trust we put in you! You abused me in many ways without my consent.  If I would have know what I know now I would have never, never surrendered my life to you, you, evil, greedy man. 

I won Ratwhat:  I am free and you cannot have my son.  He laughs at you and all the ones like you in the world who would do anything for a buck, you, miserable disgusting being!  May yoru soul rest in peace some day because now your pants are on fire!  You got what you deserve. Hopefully someday more and more premies can see you for who you really are.


In the other hand, my life keeps getting better and better. My mother, family and friends have noticed positive change in my personality since I left the cult. I am a loving person, not a hater.  I dislike maharaji ALOT for what he did to me and so many others and for wanting to recruit young innocent people today.  I don't hate him, I detest him.  Words have power: Hate is something else. He doesn't deserve my love that is for sure.  I am only human and glad to feel I'm one. 


5 Brighter than 1000 suns as seen through night vision goggles
4 As bright as the lights on Maharaji's jet
3 As bright as a 60 watt light bulb
2 As bright as a pile of burning ghi on a swinging arti tray
1 As bright as the inner light as seen by the third eye
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