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Monday, June 2, 2003







MB - this is garbage

Your assertions are pure garbage and you know it.

Of course Maharaji could never have 'forced' any one to go into an ashram, but he certainly made very heavy demands that people should go into an ashram. This was done in a classic carrot and stick approach. The invitation was to experience God face to face, to do this one had to get knowledge, then once K was shown there was a very heavy emphasis on how to practice knowledge. The emphasis was totally to be absorbed in SS&M - all other things were considered to be an absolute waste of time - do you remember the no 'chit-chat' rule? Well that was simply to reinforce the SS&M ethos. There was no getting away from that ethos. Part of that ethos was that being outside the ashram one got distracted and thus were not able to be doing SS&M fully and totally. This translated again and again, by Maharaji, all his mahatmas, all the initiators and indeed all of us in saying that being outside the ashram was not following the path of K - i.e. that of full time service, satsang and meditation. To be outside the ashram we were all made to feel guilty like hell, we were constantly reminded that we were not, by definition, doing SS&M full time!

When I took K in 1973 I was summoned soon afterwards to see Irene Hall here in UK - she was a high up in the org. and much loved and respected by Maharaji. She summoned me as I had not at that point made moves to move into the ashram. She left me in no doubt whatsoever that I should immediatly move into the ashram (hell she had even reserved a place for me in an ashram)and that I was disobeying Maharaji's direct agya by not moving into the ashram. Additionally I was left in no doubt that by me not being in the ashram I continued being 'attached' to the world and I would not 'realise' knowledge - no matter how hard I tried. And yes, part of the pressure was that I should give up a well paid job with good prospects as that represented an additional attachment - an additional barrier to realising knowledge.

thankfully sanity prevailed - I did not move into any ashram. For manay years I lived in 'premie houses' and althogh we tried to practice SS&M and did in fact did so, we were made to feel like second class citizens. I know many many people who lived outside the ashram who felt this as well.

So MB I think you are being thoroughly disingenuous in saying that no 'demands' were made on premies to move into the ashram and simply were provided for those that wanted them. Of course I quite understand why you would want to present things in the way you do. To acknowledge that Maharaji made demands presents him as an authoritarian person and that is not in keeping with the soft image he now presents himself as.

What is the big problem in acknowledging that Maharaji made these sort of demands? Ok ok so he has 'moved on' and does not make these sort of direct demands now. Why not acknowledge that? You would certainly get a lot more respect (from me and others) if you acknowldged this.

Your spin, revisionism and covering up does not do you or your cause any service - but hey I ain't complaining!

Is it true that you are the webmaster of the one-reality site? Keep up the great work! It certainly is a ****BEST****

all the best -

--- Thorin

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