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 Posted:  Wed, Dec 24, 2003 at 12:31:08 (EST)
 Posted by:  WonderWoman (WW)

Subject:  Re: OK, it's cleaned up for now


In my opinion *Mr.MORALS* needs a morality over-haul. What he's done goes far beyond what the sites he's pitchig his bitch about does. He's displayed absolutely no respect for an individual's freedom of choice. The web sites he refers to are available to 'individuals' that 'choose' access. Ultimately..dispite what's offered, is done so with the respect of a persons choice. If they choose not to particapate, the owners of that site don't say 'well tough shit.. I'll cram it down your throat if I have to because MY agenda is all I care about' Why does *Mr Morals* think he has that right? Myself..I might/might not like what some sites offer due to *MY* personal preferences. They're my moral and legal rights. IMO *Mr.Morals* stripped myself and everyone that visits this Forum of those rights. So again in my opinion, Mr.Morals is the real danger, should be tracked down and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. I have very knowledgeable friends, that can be very helpful in that pursuit. If the FA is considering legal action and/or assistance in tracking and revealing *Mr.Morals* identity and location. I would be more than happy to assist anyway I can. I have a major problem with people not giving a flying fuck about *What* extent they will go in the pursuit to satisfy their own agenda. *WHO* might suffer as a result of thier pursuit to satisfy their own agenda. In my opinion they are the sole owners of the bottom rail on lifes ladder. I personally don't go to those sites,perhaps because I'm not interested, find it offensive, don't want their cookies taking up residency in my PC, maybe I'm frigid, maybe I'm a nymphomaniac that has gone through extensive theorpy gaining positive results, decide to stop in CW and see what's shakin only to be assaulted by the unexpected *exposure* (pun intended) of such explicit material, ultimately sending me hurling back, all I'd achived now lost, my compulsive behavior back in full control. IMO *Mr. Morals* is more damaging than those which he accuses, and he's pissed me off by showing me zero respect. Being one of the victims of his nemesis.IMO There is also the other side of the coin.. Was the actions of *Mr.Morals* in fact not in protest, but rather .. an advertisement??? hmmm??? Hell..I don't know where these advertisements are he's all disgruntled about. I don't see any. The only reason I am aware there are pornographic Forums directly linked are compliments of *Mr.Morals*.IMO No one in THIS Forum promote those sites I am aware of.IMO His sense of direction is pathetic, the wrath of his vengence would be better served if inflicted in the direction it was spawned. Otherwise IMO he's acting as a surrogate.
Well anyway..IMO the idiot needs to be stopped and delt with by the legal system.. if I can be of all means..

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