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Posted: Fri, Aug 29, 2003 at 19:01:09 (EST)
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Subject: Here is the proof!


The Spirits in Africa recognized Maharaji as the 'Spirit Above All Spirits'.
In 1980 I recieved knowledge from Maharaji. In 85/86 I crossed the Sahara with my girlfriend in an old Bedford Van. My destination on that journey was Ghana to study african riddim. On my way to Kumasi I saw a young boy sitting on a fence. As I crossed him I saw something shining in his eyes that makes me stop my good old Bedford, and went back. The boy laughed and said: ' I knew you will stop, you have to bring me to Kumasi.' We stayed that night in his village and the next day we went to Kumasi the Garden City. On the way the boy told me that he has an uncle on Asafo Market who owns an record shop and that he want to introduce me to his uncle. I told the uncle about my desire to learn more about african music. He told me, that he is from a very old small village and that his family is still practicing the originally african culture. So we made an appointment for the next friday to go there. The three days to that, we stayed on the 'Lake Side' a lake in a metorite crater where people live like 50000 years ago and we really enyoied this kind of life. On that friday when we reached that village we just came right to join a spirits performance. The Spirits welcomed us and through their linguist they asked me, if Iīm interested to learn the whole thing and not just the music. I, as a white, was very pleased and said yes. The linguist of that female Fetish Priest prepared me, that I have to go through some certain tests before I can start to study. I agreed, and we went back to the lake.
In that night, and it was a totaly dark night, I suddenly woke up because I heard a very strange noise like a scythe going through weed, but very loud. I jumped up from the bed because there was an unerthly pulsing light in the room and I could see my friend sleeping. As I turned around I saw what makes the light just in the air, a foot from the wall. It was like twelve, six feet long sharp teeth cutting the air in and out from nowhere. I was really afraid and shocked. Then the only thing for me to do was to sit down close my eyes and concentrating on that what Maharaji had shown me. For some time I could still hear that cutting sound and I also saw that pale light through my eyelids. From one moment to another the light and sound phenomenom dissapered, but another thing was going on. I heard the voices of three old ladys talking about me. Because I heard them in my head and not with my ears I even could understand them. The talk was like: 'Oh, see he is not afraid anymore.' - 'I wonder how he did that.' - 'I think he has something very powerfull.' - 'It must be from the spirit above all spirits.' - 'So lets ask him for that what makes him to resist our power.' So they asked me: 'Will you give us that what you got from the spirit above all spirits?' I answerd: 'No, Iīve got this from my master and it is not up to me, to give it to anybody else.' But they asked again: ' Give it to us, your master will not mind, and we can do lots of things for you.' But I said: ' No! I can not. You have to ask him yourself.' Then they talked to each other, but I couldnīt hear. One of the old ladys turned to me and said: 'What youīve said is true, but we can not go to see your master, it is only possible for a living human beeing because he is in a human form too.' Last they asked me if I will go back to that little village and as I said yes, they told me to go there next tuesday, when the spirits will await me to come.
The next tuesday I went to the village, as the old ladys told me, and the Fetish Priest was already waiting. The first thing she told me was that she already heard from the spirits that I made my test, so the spirits agreed to teach me their art. I learned that this culture came to the Ashantis through a man called Akomfo Anokye a man from the north of Africa who had the same knowledge that Moses and Jesus once learned in Egypt too.
I learned a lot of things, not to be described here, in the six month I stayed with this Fetish Priest, known as very powerfull among the Ghanians. Finally I became a Fetish Priest too, registered as the only white in the 'African Fetish Priest and Herbalist Association' and with an official licence of Ghana State.
I also visited the shrine of Akomfo Anokye to witnesses some rituals to be done. After we left the room an old man came to me and wispered in my ear: 'You did, what Napoleon could not do.' First I thought his statement was just one of those proverbs they like to use, but later I find out, that Napoleon had wanted to find the secrets of spiritual power in Egypt, but he could not succeed.
Here the story nearly ended as it is of intrest for you, but there is someting more to tell, to testify that, what I experienced was not a fantasy.
After I was back in Gemany for some time, an old friend, a premie too, whom I havenīt seen since I went to Ghana, visited me. He asked me for help, because he was troubled by some spirits in his dreams and they told him to see me. I never told anybody before what happened that night on the lake, so I was quite surprised of what he told me then.
After I started my journey to Africa he had told some big lies about me to other people. That I have stolen things to finance my travel, what was not true. So one night a spirit in the form of a dwarf came to his dream and told him to stop talking bad about me. The dwarf spirit also told him, that he want to show him something that will convince him. So the dwarf took him through the air, straight to that lake in Africa, where he could witness the whole scene. He even saw me in that house and he also saw the old ladys talking to me. He described everything to me, that I could recognize, that he really was there the same night. After the dwarf brought him back to his sleeping body, he wake up and could clearly remember everything. So when I came back from Ghana he was afraid to talk to me, and he started to talk bad about me again. But the spirits forced him to visit me. Now since he told me everything, he was never distubed by the spirits again.


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