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Editor's Note: I really didn't know that Zac was all these things. He seems like such a nice boy.


Sun, May 09, 1999 at 21:28:53 (EDT)






Irish Nanny


Just for fun
I am an international businessman who travels the world but will not answer any questions about what I actually do. I might even be a lawyer, infact I eat other lawyers for lunch that's why I wont answer a question from one.

I can't write English, Aussie, or any other language so I blame it on the keyboard, haven't figured out how to use the delete or backspace keys.

I talk and talk and talk but no one understands a word of what I am saying.

I know I am wasting my time but SCREAM at others who I think may be wasting their time.

I credit my teacher with giving me lasting peace and happiness but am rude and uncompassionate with anyone who did not understand and appreciate this great gift.

Even my friends who know nothing think the x forum is full of idiots.

I won't answer a single honest question from anyone.

This guy sounds like his master. Mahrji is that you?

5 Brighter than 1000 suns as seen through night vision goggles
4 As bright as the lights on Maharaji's jet
3 As bright as a 60 watt light bulb
2 As bright as a pile of burning ghi on a swinging arti tray
1 As bright as the inner light as seen by the third eye