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Editor's Note: This post by Shp is another response to THE Letter from Marolyn to friend of hers asking for her help. The unnamed woman was so disgusted that she requested that THE Letter be posted. See ***Best of Forum*** post A response to THE Letter for more and a copy of THE Letter. While I have not been following the Forum since its inception it would seem that with a few notorious exceptions that no other issue has created this much emotional response.


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gmom & all


Re: I do not like this letter posted
This letter was posted before and many, I think most, of the ex's feel posting this letter is wrong. Yes, it reveals a lot. But it was a personal letter written by a woman recovering from a devastating illness. It seems exploitive to post it. JM, I like you a lot and am sorry to disagree but that is my opinion.
Gmom and all,

Here we have gmom, God bless her, who probably has the most right to be pissed of everybody here, and she has the class, common sense and propriety to take the high road to the resolution and closure of her own unfortunate and unpleasant matters.

Some may try to talk you out of your position and try to get you riled up in the name of revenge. Don't buy it, gmom. You have grace and dignity in the face of trouble, and not many can pull that off.
It strengthens your position and makes you shine in the midst of lesser and darker minds.
Hang on, sister.

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